3D Model Building Tool Kit Includes Pliers, Flush Cutter, Tweezers, Mandrel, Building Surface and Black Carry Pouch Bag

Your Toy Mart

$ 19.77 $ 24.95

Your Toy Mart is pleased to bring you the very best tools in a perfectly sized travel kit. Our Tool Kit includes the following: 1. 5.75 inch long thin needle nosed pliers. Cushioned handle (handle color may vary). These are jeweler's style and the right head size needed for Metal Earth products 2. 4.5 inch professional Flush Cutter. Perfect for snipping Metal Earth model pieces from their original sheets. 3. 3.5 inch professional quality Slanted Tip Tweezers. Perfect for shaping, bending and twisting Metal Earth pieces and tabs (this is a new style we think you'll love even more than the original -- we know that it makes model building even easier for us!) 4. 6 inch stainless steel Mandrel. Cushioned handle (color may vary). Sized from 6mm to 11mm. Perfect for creating round and curved shapes. 5. 20 inch black square polyester cloth. Perfect for a building surface for all your tools and Metal Earth Model pieces while under construction. 6. 7 x 9 inch black zippered canvas carry pouch w/ clip. Perfect for carrying all your Metal Earth tools and yet-to-be constructed Models and instructions. Get one for yourself and another for a friend and build your models together! Please note: Tool handle colors may vary.