Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Model DC Comics - Batman v. Superman Batmobile

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$ 12.95 

The classic and iconic Batmobile has once again been redesigned. This time, for Ben Affleck in his run as the Caped Crusader. It bears a very striking resemblance to the version of the Batmobile that was driven during the 7 year and 3 movie reign of Christian Bale's Batman. The individual pieces are simply popped out of the two metal sheets and assembled without the use of solder or glue by simply bending and/or twisting the connection tabs. Assembled, it is an authentic, museum-quality, laser cut replica of the Batmobile used in the 2016 Batman v. Superman movie. ASSEMBLED SIZE: Approx 3.5”(L) x 1.5”(W) x 1.0”(H) 2-Sheet Model Kit = SKILL LEVEL = CHALLENGING

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